Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sara's favorite book's

This book is about Josefina, her three sisters and dad, who live in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1824. I like all the American Girl books.

Encyclopeidia Brown
"Encyclopedia" solves mysteries in his town. These are fun to read and figure out.

Magic Tree house
Two kids have a treehouse and if they read a book there the tree house transports them to the place in the book.

Little Britches.
Ralph Moody and his father work hard to provide for their family.

Nancy Drew
A girl that solvs mysteries.

Nim's Island.
This book is about the adventures of Nim, a girl who lives on an island with her father.

Little House on the Prairie.
Laura Ingalls and her family live on the prairie, experience a lot of hardships, but also enjoy life together.

Sea Biscuit
Tells the story of Sea Biscuit, a racehorse who nobody thought was worth anything but will go on to prove them wrong.

A girl and her dad, when ever they read a book something would come out of the book but to replace it something must go into the book.

Rapunzel's Revenge
A fun remake of the old fairy tale.

Princess Academy
A school to learn how to be a lady.

Spiderwick Chronicles
The Grace children move into the Spiderwick Estate and discover a whole world of faeries they never knew existed.



Michelle said...

What fun book choices!

Sariah said...

You can borrow some Nancy Drew's sometime...I have like, all but 3 or something.