Thursday, March 19, 2009

Delightful Debbie

Debbie has really been funny the past week or so. She is very excited for spring to come. She dutifully talks to her tulips every day. They sprouted a couple of weeks ago and, boy, is she excited!

All the girls have been watching High School Musical 3 several times a week and the littler girls have been singing the songs non-stop all day long. The other day we listened to Debbie singing "A Night to Remember" as she colored at the table. The proper words go something like "Where's my purse? Lip Gloss?" but Deb was singing "Where's my purse? It's lost!"

Last week Ira wanted to watch the cattle auction on RFDTV. He likes to see the cows and listen to the auctioneer. I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast when Debbie came in to talk to me. We talked for a minute then I asked her, "Deb, aren't you supposed to be doing your morning chores? What's your chore this week?"

She smiled and answered, "blublublublublublublublbulbublublub....LAUNDRY!" just as if she was the auctioneer on tv. It was hilarious!

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Sariah said...

such cute little kids!