Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Movie Marathon

Saturday the girls had a Harry Potter marathon. It was their reward for helping to deep clean all week long during their Spring break. And they did it without complaint! So while I finished sewing Eve's and Marie's Easter dresses the girls camped out in the living room and watched all the Harry Potter movies...well all but #5 there just wasn't enough time. Joseph stayed around the house most of the day, I think so he could watch too. :D

Sara got tired of watching the movies and took the little portable tv down to Ira's movie to watch The Sound of Music. She fell asleep there around bedtime. Joseph and I were laughing about it because after all the kids went to bed we could hear singing coming from somewhere and realized The Sound of Music was still on.

Here's a fun video we found with 'Do, Re, Mi' from The Sound of Music. Enjoy!


Meg said...

That was so fun! A great break to my day. Thanks! I think I'll post it myself and share the smile...:)

Hales Family said...

That was just wonderful I loved it!!!