Monday, March 14, 2011


It's been four months since we posted last! We had a great Christmas. Then in February we all got sick. It seems like we were sick all month long, especially the two younger ones. They both had RSV for about a week.

Here's Ira on the day that he was the sickest. He had high fevers all day long and slept almost all day long too. When Dad came home from church he gave Ira a blessing. We got Ira to finally eat a little bit of food (ramen) and drink some fluids. By the next day he was running around teasing his sisters so we knew he was going to be all right. :D

Julia was better for three days after the RSV and then she got really sick. We finally figured out after many phone calls to Doctor Grandpa that her adenoids were infected. She had fevers for a whole week, her nose was just running like crazy, and she kept coughing and gagging. The antibiotic that was prescribed for her gave her terrible diarrhea so we had to take her off of it as she was getting dehydrated. FINALLY after suffering for two weeks she was able to overcome it all.

Amidst all the sickness we still found time to do a few fun things.....

like sledding in the field with an old satellite dish!

and drinking Hot Chocolate on a Stick. YUM

Now the weather is getting warmer and we are spending our days outside.

Riding bikes,

climbing walls,

pretending to drive tractors (no pedals).

We ordered all our garden seeds a couple of weeks ago, and bought all the seed starting stuff today. We will start seeds later this week!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Deb was baptized!

Debbie was baptized last Saturday, Oct. 23!

She will definitely remember it as the water heater for the baptismal font was broken so the water was FREEZING!

Her two favorite Primary teachers: Sister Tammy Swensen (l) and Sister Debbie Daley (r)

Lil' Debbie is so sweet. She tries hard to be a good girl. She is always asking what she can do to help around the house. Usually she sees something that needs to be done and just does it without asking. If you were to ask anyone in our family "Who is the happiest?" the answer would be "Debbie!"

We love you Deb!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Heber Creeper

Back at the end of August we took a trip to Utah to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Ventura. We had fund shopping, buying new clothes, eating at restaurants, etc. But our favorite part of the trip was riding the Heber Creeper. Here are some photos from that ride.

Being held up by Black Jack Raven and his gang.

Eve was taken hostage.

Heber is a beautiful place to visit!

Friday, October 01, 2010


Wow three months! Well we have a lot to post: our trip to Utah,  haying, and lots of stuff! Well here are just some pictures.

Eve, Sara, Marie

We found a old picture of us and recreated it.
Here Eve is helping mooooove cows.

Julia being super CUTE!!!

Laure, Ethan, Debbie playing fishing on the hammock.


Wednesday, July 07, 2010


  OK, so I found this in an email a while ago that Maryann sent to us. Apparently she and Sara took pictures of themselves when they got bored.

Sara will probably kill me for putting this up, but it was the only picture I could find on the computer. She'll just have to live with it. After all, this isn't the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to her. (I probably shouldn't have told you that.)  This only half describes how crazy she is. Or how crazy we all are.

Monday, June 21, 2010

This boy!

Ira is quite the character. Right now anything that is over a foot long becomes a rifle. If it's made of wood, even better. He usually dresses up in long sleeved button down shirts (usually his church shirts), jeans with a leather belt, and boots.When those are all dirty then he'll settle for short sleeved t-shirts.

He LOVES to help me in the garden. I show him what weeds to pull and he does a very thorough job. He also likes to change the water on the garden rows. It takes at least 30 minutes for a row to be watered (on a slow drip). The other day we worked in the garden and then went in to the house to do other things while a row was being watered. Ira asked if he could go change the water when it was time. I sent him out and watched from our deck to see what he would do. He first ran to the bottom of the row to make sure the whole row received water. Then he went to the top and moved the hose to the next row. I thought he would come in but he decided to climb trees in the orchard instead. About 30 minutes later I yelled out to him to change the water again. He repeated what he did before, checking to make sure the whole row was watered before moving the hose. He went back into the orchard to play. 30 minutes later I walked out to turn off the hose. I could hear Ira singing in the orchard. I stopped to watch him. He was dancing and singing "Bet on It" from High School Musical! It was hilarious! He had the moves down and everything. When he saw me he stopped and said, "Hi, Mom! I was just singing."

Ira has an ear for music or, rather, learning any type of music well and quickly. He's well rounded in his choices. He'll sing High School Musical songs one minute and then sing the theme song to "Savage Sam" the next. He also enjoys singing Primary songs and hymns. Another favorite of his to sing is "All We Like Sheep" from Handel's Messiah. He learned it from watching Perfect Harmony. I think I'm going to expose him to Josh Groban, El Divo, and the Ten Tenors now so he'll grow up liking them. ☺ Then when I'm old he can serenade me.

Ira gives me huge hugs and tells me "I'm dad's son but I'm your boy." That he is!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Julie Girl

Isn't she cute!!! She's rolls around a lot now, and she waves at my Dad when he comes home. She's starting to eat baby food, and she really likes chocolate milkshake. (Thanks to Dad.) She's also starting to get teeth now and it's making her and my Mom really cranky. Here are some of her nicknames. 
Fluffy (Dad)
Ju-Ju Bella
The Precious
Chewbaca (Mom)
Young One (Dad)
T-K (Teeny Kid)
And those are only a few.
We love her.

Sara and Marie