Monday, March 14, 2011


It's been four months since we posted last! We had a great Christmas. Then in February we all got sick. It seems like we were sick all month long, especially the two younger ones. They both had RSV for about a week.

Here's Ira on the day that he was the sickest. He had high fevers all day long and slept almost all day long too. When Dad came home from church he gave Ira a blessing. We got Ira to finally eat a little bit of food (ramen) and drink some fluids. By the next day he was running around teasing his sisters so we knew he was going to be all right. :D

Julia was better for three days after the RSV and then she got really sick. We finally figured out after many phone calls to Doctor Grandpa that her adenoids were infected. She had fevers for a whole week, her nose was just running like crazy, and she kept coughing and gagging. The antibiotic that was prescribed for her gave her terrible diarrhea so we had to take her off of it as she was getting dehydrated. FINALLY after suffering for two weeks she was able to overcome it all.

Amidst all the sickness we still found time to do a few fun things.....

like sledding in the field with an old satellite dish!

and drinking Hot Chocolate on a Stick. YUM

Now the weather is getting warmer and we are spending our days outside.

Riding bikes,

climbing walls,

pretending to drive tractors (no pedals).

We ordered all our garden seeds a couple of weeks ago, and bought all the seed starting stuff today. We will start seeds later this week!

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