Friday, February 29, 2008

Pinata Practice

Laura ran screaming and crying into our room this morning. "Debbie hit me on the head super hard!"

Joseph called Deb in to find out the whole story.

Joseph: Fudge, did you hit Cookie on the head?
Debbie: Yes, but I didn't do it on purpose!
Joseph: Well, how did it happen on accident?
Debbie: Cookie and I wanted to practice hitting the Easter pinata. So I told her to hold it while tried to hit it.
Joseph (barely containing his laughter): What were you using to hit with?
Debbie: A yard stick.

We should have let Laura have her turn. :D


Sonja said...

Glad you got the whole story! :)

wild murdocks said...

HA! Look out!

We are pinata crazy too, and have one at almost every party!