Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We've been busy around here. Don't ask me what we've been doing because I can't really recall. I just know we have been.

Eve played a musical number on the piano for Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. She played this version of Heavenly Father Loves Me by Aaron Waite. She did a fabulous job. She's been studiously keeping up with her school work and still manages to find time to read stacks of books, cook, and watch old Dick Van Dyke reruns.

Marie endured four long hours of standardized testing today, as well as two hours yesterday. She's very glad to be done with that! So am I. It's not very fun trying to keep the children occupied in town for that long while we waited for her. All there is to do really is shop and play at the park. We've found that Ira really likes Marie. I think she's his favorite sister. Marie and Eve have both been taking turns getting Ira back to sleep at night. Marie can do it without any trouble. But when Eve tries to Ira just starts calling for Moooom! Moooom! Joseph and I are taking off next week for a five day trip to Kirtland, OH and Palmyra, NY without the children! Joseph's mom and sister are coming up to stay with the kids so Eve and Marie have been stepping in to help so that Ira doesn't go totally berserk when we're gone.

Sara is Ira's other favorite sister. She'll take him outside to play for hours. Sara has recently (finally) showed interest in reading books for pleasure. She's into reading the Ivy + Bean series. She even expanded a little to try following along in a Nancy Drew book while she listened to the book on tape. I can't tell you how excited we are that she's finally starting to get bit by the reading bug. Now we just have to find books that will interest her. Sara earned money to buy herself a pair of "Spinners" roller skate shoes. She skates all around the house and then goes out to the truck scale and skates there while keeping an eye on Ira as he plays outside.

Abby has been drawing up a storm, practicing the piano, playing kickball, and is very impatient for summer to get here (forget Spring!) so she can set up the slip 'n' slide on the hill. She decided she wants to fast the full 24 hours and has done well for the past two Fast Sundays. Joseph and I had to laugh (not when she could hear us of course) the first Fast Sunday. She came in all quiet and wanted to know what to do when your fasting and get hungry. Abby's reading has improved so much she now reads several verses when it's her turn to read during family scripture study.

Debbie's reading is improving too. She's a little perfectionist. If she makes one little mistake she falls all to pieces claiming it's just too hard. She then refuses to try again until the next day. Debbie and Laura have their own little play world. We find "houses" set up all over the place along with dolls and tea sets. Wo! be upon those who dare to touch them. It's Deb's turn to cook this week so I can guarantee we will be having pepperoni pizza, Hawaiian Haystacks, and taco soup some time this week. And chocolate chip cookies of course.

Laura is beginning to learn her letters. She watches like a hawk while Debra does her reading. Reminds me a lot of Marie watching Eve when they were little. Laura loves going to her Sunbeam class at church. She always has to have either a necklace or bracelet to wear with her dress. Oh and lip gloss too. She loves to change her clothes at least three times a day.

Ira boy loves being outdoors. He slips outside as fast as he can, falls to pieces whenever Joseph leaves, runs to the door to watch hay trucks and pretty much plays non stop with his tractors and guns all day. See? He even does it in his sleep. He is very observant. He makes a pretty realistic sound when shooting his toy pistol. The other day he watched Joseph shoot the shotgun once and now Ira will make a different sound when he is shooting a shotgun (a ruler, vacuum extension, anything long and skinny). His latest trick involves pushing the stool up to the stove top and trying to turn the knobs so the stove will turn on. I think it's a good thing he has seven mothers to keep an eye on him at all times. :D


Julie said...

Aren't children just the best?!? I love it!

the lazy reader said...

Sounds as if you have a blissfully busy household. How wonderful.

Makayla said...

hey montse, i tagged you with a meme, look at my blog to see what to do. by the way, your kids are looking really cute!

Sonja said...

What a lucky boy to have 7 mothers!! I love all the photos. You guys are great!