Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Faith" by Eve

Eve has New Beginnings tonight. She was asked to speak about faith. All the parents were invited but because Laura is sick we didn't feel right asking someone to watch the kids for us. Joseph elected to go because 1) I was in town for 5 hours already today, 2) the Young Women leaders complained that the dad's never show up for these things, 3) he really wanted to go and listen to her present her talk. So without further ado her is Eve's talk on faith. (We didn't help one single bit!)

"I am a daughter of Heavenly Father who loves me. I have faith in His eternal plan which centers on Jesus Christ, my Savior.

"In Alma 32:21, there is a description of what faith is. It says, “And now as I said concerning faith—afaith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye bhope for things which are cnot seen, which are true.”

"In heaven we rejoiced at the Lord’s plan for us to come to earth and receive mortal bodies. We were excited that we could progress and become more like our Father. We knew there would be risks. We knew not all of us would make it. We knew that we would go through the veil and not remember our pre-earth life. We would have to live by faith – faith in the gospel, faith in God, and faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ. Without faith there is no way we can return to our Heavenly home, to heavenly parents who love us. Because the Spirit whispers that the gospel is true, we know that it is. How? Through faith.

"Every aspect of the gospel is somehow connected with faith: prayer, scripture study, fasting, church attendance, following the prophet, and keeping the commandments.

"There are so many examples of faith in the scriptures. Daniel had faith when he was thrown in the lion’s den. Ammon had faith when he cut off the thieves arms. Nephi had faith that the Lord would help him get the plates. My favorite is the Stripling Warriors who had so much faith that through a long and gruesome battle, though nearly all had been injured, none had died."


wild murdocks said...

Amazing job Eve! What a lovely talk.

Calandria said...

Great talk! Very well done.

Sonja said...

I am impressed with YOUR faith and believe your testimony will continue to bless many people as you continue to share it. =)