Thursday, October 18, 2007

Word of Wisdom Activity

Last Wednesday we went to Activity day. We learned about The Word of Wisdom. We each got little plants that we have to keep alive. The plants are supposed to represent our bodies. So if we water them and give them the right amount of sun we keep them alive. It's just like when we eat and drink the right things we are keeping ourselves alive and healthy.


wild murdocks said...

Great idea Marie! Thanks for sharing. One of my callings at church right now is activity days and that would be a great activity. Hope you're doing well, and it's fun to read your posts!

nestle said...


Ummm did you know that I can't keep a plant alive? No really, water, feed, monitor the levels of food in the soil. dead. black and shriveled. Grandma's the same way, although I think her deadness of plants is because she forgets to water them. Hope you didn't inherit any of our genes. Hee hee. I wish you luck on your plant aliveness.

Aunt Ness

Me and Them said...

This sounds like a great activity! Thanks for sharing this, I think I will use it for a Family Night lesson. OH! Also, we are going to try the brocolli roll ups! :D