Saturday, October 27, 2007

Barnyard Bash Birthday Party

I can't believe Eve turns twelve on Monday. Where has the time gone? Tomorrow we get to embarrass her at her Primary Graduation during closing exercises in Primary. Today I'll share what she did for her birthday party yesterday. We started by giving them all rides on our poor old horse, Boxcar.
Then we had fun tossing chicken eggs until one team was left with an unbroken egg. That was very fun . . .
. . .but also hazardous.
The day was pretty chilly so we went inside to warm up by smashing balloons while Michael Martin Murphy's western ballads played from the CD player. Each person blew up two balloons, tied one to each ankle, and then tried to pop everyone else's balloons without getting their own popped.
Everyone got hot again so we headed back outside to break pinatas.
Then the mandatory blowing of the candles followed along with opening of presents. We had a great group - most of Eve's Primary class and several cousins.


Calandria said...

Eve is such a beauty.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

That looks like so much fun. It is so nice seeing kids have real, honest to goodness, normal, clean, fun.

wild murdocks said...

happy birthday! Looks like you had lots of crazy fun!

diva hen said...

What a great party, I wish I could of been there! Oh, and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!