Monday, October 08, 2007

Q & A

I thought I'd answer some questions that have been asked in the comments section of my posts.

My Ice Cream Diary asked...

What are your favorite healthy foods so far?

Hmmm....does chocolate count? Actually I love eating fresh veggies with humus, apples with peanut butter or sharp cheddar cheese, and I'm a big fan of salads and soups.
An Ordinary Mom said...

Apparently I need to enter more contests. Where do you find them all at ... or do you not want to share your secrets :) !!

Calandria said... Those are so cute! And yeah, how do you win all this stuff?
My Ice Cream Diary said... What is your secret to winning all that great stuff?

There are several sites/blogs that consistently have great contests or giveaways. I usually only enter those that require comments and not have to write a full post to link back too. I also only enter if the prize is something really cool that I know I will use. Here are a few sites I keep in my Google Reader feeder so I can keep track of when they offer a new contest/giveaway.

The Opinionated Parent - Where I won the rain boots from. They usually try to help mom run businesses get noticed through their giveaways.
Design Mom - she's got a fantastic giveaway that ends at midnight tonight!
Bloggy Giveaways - run by the same lady who does Rocks In My Dryer.
Cool Mom Picks - they have really fun stuff!
MommyKnows - Where I won Laura's shirt from. She gives away something free everyday! Kim is the owner of The Baby Marketplace where I like to buy cloth diapers and Wild Mango clothes for Ira.

So no secrets. And I don't spend all my time entering contests either. Just seems like I've been really lucky lately.


An Ordinary Mom said...

Thanks for the info! I hope we don't ruin your chances of winning any future prizes now that we know your secrets =) !!

The Astle Family said...

Hi There,

I have enjoyed your blog for a long time. You are a gifted writer, not to mention Mother/teacher/etc. etc. Because of you and Denise, our family started a BLOG as well. This summer the kids did most of the writing, but since they have been back in school, I've been doing it. I do it to connect our family that's far away from us with what we've been up too. I look forward to reading your new blog!
Love, Carla - Joseph's cousin :)