Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Smiling Game and other funnies

For family home evening last night we watched one of our favorite movies The Man From Snowy River. In the middle of the film when Jessica and Jim are breaking in the colt and again at the end of the film when Jim brings the horses in Debbie wanted to know if they were playing the 'smiling game'. That's what she calls it when we watch movies and characters are supposed to be falling in love or flirting with each other.

A few days ago Debbie and Laura were fighting over who got to use the Care Bear pillow case. Joseph just said, "Debbie, all you have to do is go get the Dora pillow case and then Laura will leave you alone." Deb caught on quick and said, "Here, Laura, I'm going to go get Dora instead." Laura screamed and ran down the hallway, "No! I get it!" Deb just looked at Joseph and said, "She's jelly, huh." She meant jealous.

And finally, Deb informed me the other day that I was big. Usually when she says that she means tall.
"Yes, Debbie, I am taller than you."
"No, Mom," she said and then proceeded to pat my stomach, "You're big right here."
"Thanks, dear."
Obviously Debbie has gotten taller because this is what she used to say. And this too.


sippinghotchocolate said...

what a fun post and how cute to call it the "smiling game". it's so true though isn't it? that love makes us smile? and "jelly" for "jealous". sounds like they've acquire an aussie lingo there. and my kids still call my derriƩre round. i guess it is compared to theirs. :)

Our Peculiar Life said...