Monday, December 19, 2005

Out of the Mouths of Babes

It snowed this weekend. Beautiful, fluffy, white snow. The girls donned their snow gear and headed outside to build a snowman. It turned out very cute.

Poor Debbie didn't make it outside until after all the fun. She was feeling blue, so Eve and Marie stayed outside and helped Debbie make her own snowman. They rolled a big ball and told Debbie it was the bottom of the snowman. Debbie replied, "Oh! It's a big bottom, like Mom's!"

The worst of it is no one argued that fact! Everyone just laughed until their sides ached. I just wish my bottom would melt away as quickly as the snowman's will.


Calandria said...

Hahaha! Once when my sister was pregnant she was leaning over doing something. Her son patted her on the bum and said, "It's a hippopotamus."

Athena said...

Too funny. I've had the same bottom comments repeated to me by my kids too, but seeing that I don't have an especially large derriƩre I worry about my children's perception, LOL.