Thursday, December 15, 2005


We love when the bookmobile comes.
It comes right to our house and parks in our driveway. The other families in the valley (about 3-4) come over and we have a great time catching up on everyone's lives. A local artist painted the bookmobile.

Everyone's busy looking for books. Just like the library, we can request books to read and they bring them to us. How's that for service!?

Ginny, our beloved librarian. In the summer she brought crafts for the kids to do and also gave a Halloween party with games: mummy wrap (wrapping someone in toilet paper), gummy worm bobbing (like bobbing for apples only in popcorn instead of water), and a pinata.

Cruiser, looking forlorn, in his adorable Santa suit.

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Athena said...

Sharing these sorts of tidbits about your part of the world is just wonderful! I love it! I can't wait to read more about life on the ranch.