Saturday, February 10, 2007


One morning last week, Joseph was helping Laura get dressed. She was trying to tell him something but he couldn't understand her so he said, "No comprende, amigo." To which Laura replied, "It's not comprende, Dad, it's Tuesday!" (It was really Thursday but what does a two-year old know?)

Debbie watched me give Ira a bath and as I put on his cloth diaper said, "Ira looks like a big, fat lady." I asked why he didn't look like a big, fat man instead. She answered, "Fat ladies have big bottoms, fat men have big bellies." And from her 40 inch tall perspective, that's what she sees around here.


Jen said...

Ha ha ha! Too funny! Thanks for sharing.

Calandria said...

hilarious! My three yr old took a photo of me once in the kitchen, mostly back-to. I didn't especially care for her perspective. :-)