Friday, May 18, 2007

50 Miles From Home

I found this treasure on the book mobile a while ago, last year in fact, and fell in love with it! It's about my part of the country - the desert, mountains, ranch life, people. It's a compilation of stunning photographs by Linda Dufurrena accompanied by Carolyn Dufurrena's essays on ranch life. Click on the book and you can read all about it on Amazon. More of Linda's photography can be seen here (scroll down). She uses the good old reliable film cameras so the photos aren't as sharp because they've been scanned in, but you can still see the beauty they've captured.


Jen said...

Hey! I worked with Carolyn when I used to travel around to teach music at the rural schools. I went to her school twice a month-she used to be the only teacher at a K-8 school in Denio, but this year they did finally hire a second teacher for the 3-8th graders.

If you ever go out to thataway, be sure to get a "Denio Burger" at the Junction, YUM!

Julie said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love the ranchin' life too. (We're livin' in the city, but in-laws live the ranchin' life and we participate a lot.) Isn't it great when you find a treasure like that?