Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sweet Roll Tradition

One of our General Conference traditions is for the girls and I to make sweet rolls while Joseph is gone to the priesthood session on Saturday night. We each get to eat one hot from the oven and the rest are saved for breakfast the next morning. We usually make a batch each of cinnamon rolls and orange rolls. This year we made pecan sweet rolls, half with dried cranberries added, instead of the orange rolls. Here is my breakfast before I decided to melt sharp cheddar cheese over the top. Another tradition we have is to eat off our china plates each Sunday.

Because my china has a metal on the rim I had to transfer my roll to a different plate fit for the microwave. Here's the yummy, gooey goodness. And just so you know, I ended up eating three. :P

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An Ordinary Mom said...

I need to start making some conference traditions. Yours look delightful!