Saturday, April 01, 2006

General Conference Traditions

Our family has some traditions that center around General Conference. The first is the girls get to build their own 'tents' to sit in while they watch. We took this from the story of King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon. He called his people together that they may receive instruction. The people gathered and pitched their tents facing the temple so they could hear King Benjamin's words. I also made my own General Conference Bingo cards five years ago for the girls to use while they watched. About two years ago I found more General Conference activities at The Idea Door. (Scroll down the page until you get to General Conference). The littler ones usually color pictures of temples, the apostles, and other church related items while they watch.

Our longest tradition comes into play on Saturday evenings. While Joseph attends the Priesthood session, we make cinnamon rolls and orange rolls. We are all only allowed to eat one when they are done. The rest are saved for Sunday morning's breakfast. We reheat them in the microwave and chow down with huge glasses of milk completing our meal. I love to melt sharp cheddar cheese on mine.

Do you have any traditions that come into play at General Conference time? Leave a comment and let me know.

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nestle said...

Our tradition is the internet. We have no picture only sound so right now our strategy is to get the kids busy in the other room so that we can listen to conference on the computer. :-)


Bookworm said...

We also print off bingo cards and many quiet activity sheets for all the boys. We keep peanuts in the shell on hand and when someone gets a "bingo" they can go get a bowlful of peanuts. It's amazing how quiet they can be while eating those peanuts. :-)