Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool's

We usually don't do anything for April Fool's Day but I decided a couple of days ago to do something since we would all be home enjoying General Conference together. After the girls went to sleep last night I switched all their clothes around. The older girls' clothes went upstairs in the little girls' drawers and the little girls' clothes wound up downstairs on the big girls' shelves. It was fun to hear their cries of disbelief "Where are my clothes?"

Last evening when Joseph was gone for the priesthood session of conference I sewed the left pant leg together just below the knee on a pair of his Wranglers. He only wears Wranglers or a suit so I made sure there was only that pair of Wranglers on his shelf. He tried to put his pants on and when his left leg wouldn't go through he muttered "What's going on here?" I busted out laughing, he looked so funny, and yelled, "April Fool's!"

The last joke I played was replacing our chickens' eggs with plastic Easter eggs.

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An Ordinary Mom said...

What fun you must have had :) !! One of these days I will need to remember it is April Fool's. It will probably help, too, to have the kids a little older.