Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tagged #2

Athena tagged my sister and me to do self-portraits. This is something so out of my element, taking pictures of myself, that all those who know me can have a great laugh over my attempt. Here I am scrunching my nose at the idea.
But I take a picture anyway.
I love being a wife (I deliberately made this photo fuzzy).
And a mother.
Although, I must say, it wasn't near as bad as I'd thought it would be, I am now off to reward myself :D


athena said...

haha! SO who said she had a bloated pregnancy face, hmmm?! but oh i love the pic of you with your girls, very darling! i swear if i hadn't known you were the mother i would had mistaken you all as being sisters!

by the way i noticed how shiny your hair is too. i can't remember my hair being that shiny when i was pregnant.

Jen said...

I've never noticed Montse being the slightest bit puffy...she wasn't even showing her pregnancy until like last month!

Montserrat said...

Thanks for the compliments! It seeems my hair and skin are always the best when I am pregnant. I have no idea why.

Athena said...

just for the record, i'm not saying that you have a bloated pregnancy face. my comment was in response to your comment you made on my blog about you having one and yet when i look at your pics i don't see it! ok! :-)

nestle said...

I am so glad you did this. I am soooo rebelling (sorry athena) self portrits are so not happening right now. smiles you look good!

Anonymous said...

Not a trace of bloat there, Montse! You look gorgeous! I'm glad you did it. Now admit it: wasn't it the tiniest bit fun?

Montserrat said...

It was actually very fun, especially trying to get all the girls to lay still. They kept giggling and giggling!

amity said...

You are gorgeous!

and the girlies toooooo!

great pics.