Monday, October 02, 2006

Tagged #1

Nestle has tagged me, so I suppose I will oblige. :D

What do you like most about where you live?
I love the quiet and the beautiful scenery. We live in a narrow valley (about 6 miles across) between two mountain ranges and the sunrises and sunsets can be breathtaking. Since we live 13 miles from the nearest highway and are on a dirt/gravel road it is extremely quiet with only the sounds of birds in the day and foxes and coyotes at night to be heard along with the laughter of children at all hours and the working hum of tractors in the field.

What's one of your all time favorite music albums and why?
Hmm. I love classical, Celtic, and New Age music. My favorite CD that I listen to is Classified by BOND. I also like Legends by James Galway & Phil Coulter, and Secret Garden done by Secret Garden. My favorite movie music to listen to is of course 'Man From Snowy River'. (I can hear my family groaning right now!)

Did you have a passion for something as a kid that you still have now?
Well besides chocolate and potatoes (and yes, sometimes they go together) I have always loved reading and playing the piano. I do both to relax and unwind. I must need to relax and unwind a lot because I do both quite often. :D Biographies are my favorites to read and playing classical and ragtime pieces on the piano top my list.

What do like most about having a blog?
I can keep track of what my family is doing, copy and paste the entries into my journal and print them out, pictures and all. I also like the fact that friends and family can read and see what we are doing WHEN and IF they want. I don't clog up their e-mails with photos.

Everyone else I know who blogs has already been tagged except for Jen and Bookworm. So consider yourselves tagged!


Bookworm said...

LOL! Ok, I'm game, but new at "tagging" (Gee, I thought I was "hip" to know that that meant graffiti! LOL) What do I do, answer the same questions on my blog and try to tag someone else?

Montserrat said...

Yes, that's the idea. Kind of like the game, tag, you're it!