Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lattin Farms

On Tuesday we went for a little trip back to Fallon, mostly because I wanted to go pick raspberries at Lattin Farms. The girls and I picked for an hour and were able to get a little over ten pounds. We picked both red and golden raspberries. YUM!
Lattin's has a corn maze every year, a huge pumpkin patch, a little country bakery, and wonderful produce ranging from indian corn to squash to Heart-o-Gold Canteloupe. They've even developed a recipe for canteloupe bread that is simply delicious! Many locals like to use Lattin Farms as a nice outdoor area for wedding receptions and other family get-togethers. I didn't get a picture of that area.

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Anonymous said...

we had our 5th ward 24th celebration there on the 24th of july. It was a fun time with a good crowd. Thanks for keeping us posted. Love C & D