Saturday, August 26, 2006

Homemade Pinatas

A week ago for the event calendar the girls paper-mached balloons to make pinatas. Yesterday they got to decorate them. They all did their own work, except Laura. This has become one of our traditions every summer. They each make their own pinatas and use them usually on their birthdays the coming winter. Here's what they made:

Marie - Ladybug
Eve - cool sun
Sara - Rainbow fish, see the tin foil for it's shiny scales?
Abby - chick
Debra - Easter Egg
Laura - red smiley face, though Joseph says we should put a fuse coming out of the top to make it a cherry bomb.


Calandria said...

Good work, girls! Dale, dale, dale, no pierdas el tino...

athena said...

great job girls and what a neat idea to make pinatas for their birthdays.

i'm mesmerised at how pretty your girls are.

Anonymous said...

Montse, I love your website. When we were at my brother Fred's house a couple of weeks ago for a family get-together, we all said we ready your blog! That's a compliment.
I loved the pictures of the Lattin farm. I had no idea that they had such a wonderful little store/farm because I haven't been there for years. I'm sure you are aware that BAnn Lattin is our cousin, the daughter of my father's brother, Howard Crook. We were all close to Howard's family because they lived on the farm for many years, and then just down the road a little bit. I saw BAnn several months ago for a few minutes at Uncle Bob's 90th birthday. Mary Hill

boo said...

yep, I pretty muck have the prettiest nieces in the world. and the pinatas look sweet! mine always come out funny shaped... how do you get them like that?