Saturday, September 02, 2006

Joseph's Grandfather

I received a CD of pictures from Joseph's aunt Charlotte and have been having the best time going through them and fixing them up. The pictures were all scanned in to her computer and most are old with a lot of dust and scratches. I worked on these of Joseph's grandfather, F. Don, first. While I was in Tooele I was able to use my dad's Adobe Photoshop (can't remember the exact name of the program). I was amazed how well you can really fix up photos! One of my many projects to get done before the baby is born is to finish fixing up the family pictures from Charlotte and then get them printed in a nice bound book from Winkflash. I'll use those as gifts for Christmas.

I printed off copies of these pictures to give to my father-in-law for his birthday. He kept saying he was sure I put Joseph's head on the picture of F. Don smiling really big. It is uncanny how much Joseph looks like his grandfather, more than any other of F.Don's 11 children or 104 grandchildren. At least I already know what Joseph will look like when he's old. :D

The pictures of F. Don were taken right before his mission.


Calandria said...

Do people call him F. Don, or is it just in writing?

Montserrat said...

Some called him F. Don others just Don. The F stands for Franklin.

Anonymous said...

the resemblance is amazing!