Friday, December 30, 2005

Tuesday, December 27

The morning was somewhat rushed trying to get all the girls' hair ready for our family pictures at 11. Do you know how long it takes to curl five little heads of hair??? Guelito and Guelita came before the photographer and visited for just a few minutes. I didn't get any pictures of them with the girls because my camera had been out in the truck all night and the lens was fogged over. But Vanessa got some for me with her camera. Guelito and Guelita are Grandma V's parents. They come from northern Mexico, hence their names, variations of Abuelo (grandfather) and Abuela (grandmother). When we get our pictures back from the photographer I'll have to upload one of the whole Ventura clan.

The afternoon was spent packing presents in boxes and trying to see what would fit in the suburban for the trip back. We ended up having to ship the bean bag chairs the three older girls received from Pere. Joseph went with Grandpa and watched three surgeries Grandpa performed that afternoon. Grandpa V is an ear, nose, and throat doctor. He was taking tonsils and adenoids out of a little girl, putting tubes in a little boy's ears, and taking some skin cancer growths off an older woman's face. Joseph said it was fascinating to watch.

In the evening Joseph watched the 4 littlest girls so I could take Eve and Marie to watch the Savior of the World production at the Conference Center. We went with Rebecca and Jon, and Yaya and Kim. It was very well done. The best part was Elder Dieter Uchtdorf sat two seats in front of us! The girls went and shook his hand as well as Sister Uchtdorf's hand and Elder Uchtdorf signed their tickets. The girls were so excited! After the musical we walked around Temple Square looking at the Christmas lights. I'm stilling kicking myself for not taking my camera. What was I thinking?! I could have taken some beautiful pictures. Oh, well.

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Allison K said...

It was so nice to see you this holiday. I wish we had been able to spend more time talking.

I love getting a glimps into your lives. What a beautiful family you have!!