Friday, December 30, 2005

Monday, December 26

We took it easy today. In the morning Joseph and I left the girls and went to Deseret Book. All but one of the books we were looking for was out of stock. :C Very disappointing! I did, however, manage to talk Joseph into going to Mr. Mac's across from Deseret Book to get himself a badly needed new suit. So our trip into Salt Lake wasn't a big waste.

In the afternoon we watched movies. The girls and I went with Grandpa to see Harry Potter 4. Joseph stayed with the littler girls at Grandma's house and watched 'The Interpreter" and "Sahara".

Grandma Ventura made THE best scones for dinner. We ate them with butter and honey and also ham and cheese. She also made atole, a Mexican hot chocolate that is very thick and delicious.

My brothers and sisters and I stayed up again playing games until midnight.

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Athena said...

How do you, or did you, make your hot chocolate? When we were in Spain we had the nicest hot chocolate. Thick and yummy, not too sweet.