Thursday, December 29, 2005

Saturday, December 24

My sister, Vanessa, (in the chili pepper apron) showed us all how to make delicious chocolate candies. The girls rolled the flavored fondant into balls. They were raspberry, mint, and coconut almond. After the fondant set more we dipped them in melted chocolate. Pure bliss!

Grandpa V is mixing the rest of the melted chocolate with Golden Grahams, Corn Chex, and coconut. Eve, Jon, and Rebecca are 'sampling'.
In the evening we went to Salt Lake for the Alba Christmas party. All of my mom's brothers and sisters and their families were there. I haven't seen some of my cousins in years. I didn't recognize many of them, especially the boys. We ate tortillas and beans, mole (pronounced mol-eh) rice, and other side dishes people brought. There was a pinata for the kids. I have pictures but decided not to post them.


Athena said...

Aaawwww!!! that pic makes me SO hungry! But LOL, looks like everyone had fun--one for the plate, two for the tummy sort of thing. :-)

Anonymous said...

4 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup cream
1/2 cup milk
2/3 karo syrup
Big dollap (1/2 - 2/3 cup) Marshmallow Creame

In a big sauce pan butter down sides of the pot. Boil sugar, cream, milk, and karo syrup to 238 degrees. For easier dipping go between softball and firm ball stage. While the fondant is boiling put an 9 x 13 in. pyrex in the freezer and create a ice water bath in the sink about 2 in. deep. When fondant has reached desired consistancy put the pyrex in the icewater bath and pour the fondant into the pyrex. DO NOT GET WATER IN THE PYREX WITH THE FONDANT! Cool down until able to touch comforatbly with hands. Take fondant out of water (still in pyrex) and stir in marshmallow creame. Keep stirring the fondant until a change happens to it. The change is pretty obvious it will go from sticky taffy like substance to soft, non sticky, frosting like substance. This may take a while so have some men on hand to help with the stirring.

When change happens seperate into sections and add flavorings (1 capfull should do). Butter hands and roll into balls. There's the fondant. Yum yum.
Favorite flavorings
maple pecan
coconut almond

Chocolate must be tempered!!! Then you may dip the fondants.
Best chocolate that I've tasted for dipping is
Guittard, French Vanilla Dark. Yummy!!