Thursday, December 08, 2005

Nativity Scenes

I collect Nativity scenes. I love to have them all over the house during the Christmas season. Here are just a few of the ones I have.
I etched the scene on this mirror several years ago. It is one of my favorites!
I thought of my e-friend, Athena, when I took this picture because it is a reflective surface.
This is the girls' Nativity scene that they received from Grandma & Grandpa Ventura this year as part of the advent calendar. They decided it put it under the Christmas tree.

My mother-in-law, Joyce, gave this miniature set to me about 3 years ago.
I think it is just adorable!
My visiting teacher, Carolyn, gave this to me one year. She knew I was looking for an all white Nativity scene. She found it in Utah.
This was the first Nativity scene I owned. The girls love to plug in the lights every night.


Athena said...

I really like your nativities. I like the mirror too. I wouldn't mind learning how to make an etching on a mirror type thing. What a Christmas idea!

Allison K said...

love looking at all your navitivies. Such a wonderful display!