Friday, December 09, 2005

Scary Moment

Laura, our baby, passed out yesterday evening.

I was in front of the bathroom mirror fixing my hair and Laura and Debbie were playing on my bed. They were giggling and laughing and then there was a loud BOOM! I looked up and Debbie was on top of Laura on the floor. I think Debbie was trying to pick Laura up and they fell off the bed. Poor little Laura got the brunt of it. She landed first and then Deb landed on top of her. Debbie is 35 pounds! D was crying and so was Laura and then all of a sudden she wasn't. She gave a slight gurgling noise and then rolled her eyes back and she was out. I yelled for Eve to get Joseph. When I yelled Laura opened her eyes, so I kept talking very loudly to her to keep her eyes from closing. Joseph ran into the bedroom and took Laura from me. I was too shaken up. After a moment she turned pale and sweaty and stayed awake. The wind had been knocked out of her.

The only experience I've had with anyone passing out was when I did it and I sure didn't observe myself in the process. Joseph, on the other hand, has quite a few experiences watching his brothers (and me) pass out so he knew what to do. Thank goodness! All of this happened about 20 minutes before I was to leave to Enrichment meeting and I was teaching the lesson on "A Happy Heart". Definitely not something I needed to experience at that moment, but it all turned okay.

Laura has been happy today playing as much as she ever does. She even started giving me hugs; the wonderful ones where they reach their little arms around your neck and squeeze tight. Oh how I love my girls! I just hate when anything bad happens to them.

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Athena said...

I remember when this happened to our little guy--only that I wasn't very calm. It IS scary! Glad to know that all is well. Take care.