Sunday, December 04, 2005

Grandpa's Advent Calendar

Grandpa's Advent Calendar
Grandpa Ventura made this advent calendar three years ago. He used wooden office supply drawers that are for the top of desks, attached knobs to the fronts of each drawer and then numbered and decorated them to match our tastes. Notice the bees, beehive, Flying W, and barn.
The first year Grandma and Grandpa Ventura filled each drawer with either candy or some other item like silly straws, hot cocoa mixes, and pieces to a small Nativity set. Each drawer also contained a passage of scripture that had to do with the Christmas story. I left the scripture papers in the drawers so we don't have to retype those every year. Now the grandparents find goodies for 12 drawers and Joseph and I figure out what to do for the other 12. This has become a wonderful tradition that involves family that live far away.
So far this year the girls have Day1- decorated the house for Christmas, Day 2- received their own beautiful Nativity set from Grandma and Grandpa, Day-3 got a horseshoe, horse, and cowboy boot ornaments for the tree to remind them of their new horse Boxcar, Day-4 Christmas stencils to trace (that kept them quiet in church today). Day-5 is the new Polar Express movie that we will watch for Family Home Evening on Monday.

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