Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Writing Books

We've had a week long break from school and it was hard to get back into the groove today. Yesterday the bookmobile came and I didn't feel like doing anything else after visiting with the other moms and their kids for two hours. I took some pictures of the bookmobile but forgot to take some of the librarian and her dog 'Cruiser' so I'll post those in a couple weeks when she comes again.

Eve and Marie had a choice for language arts in November. They could either do their regular English and grammar or they could each try to write their own books. They chose to write books!

Marie decided to write about her ancestors, her grandmothers and great-grandmothers in particular. She has written a chapter on each one telling stories that occurred. Marie has called her grandmas asking them for stories and has giggled so much she's gotten the hiccups several times! She has done a fabulous job so far.

Here's me and my Marie with her long beautiful hair. She wants to get it cut on her birthday in January and send in about 10"-12" to Locks of Love. I must admit I'm a little hesitant about it because her hair is so pretty, but I'm also quite pleased that she is so willing to give to others. She's always asking what she can do to help me.

Eve has written a book about our family - a chapter on each one of us. It is very fun to read her views on our personalities, etc. She is extremely observant!

Eve is like a carbon copy of me. We are so alike it's a little scary. Her favorite pasttime is to curl up on the couch wrapped in a blanket and read. This is her favorite picture of us because, "I look more like your sister than your daughter!"

The girls will be hand correcting their grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors this week and then taking a lesson on using the thesarus. Five neats in one paragraph are a little much don't you think? After that they'll be typing them into the computer, 'publishing' a few copies and wrapping some to give as gifts to grandparents.

Overall, it's been a great process for the girls to learn how to apply what they have been learning.


Calandria said...

You do look like sisters. How cute! My dh just looked at your blog and thinks your family is very sweet. But he says you'll need about 4 more bathrooms in a few years.

Montserrat said...

I'm sure he's right. That was one sad part about leaving our old house. We built two bathrooms that were 'seperated'. A shower and tub with a door that closed to block that area off, and then the other part of the bathroom had 7 foot counters with two sinks and long mirrors across the whole wall, much like the bathrooms in my apartment at Ricks. I think we should start investing in toilet paper right now, we'll make ourselves rich!