Friday, September 05, 2008

County Fair 4H Show

This poor neglected blog. We've had some things we've wanted to post and just have not had the time to do it. Hopefully we'll be able to catch up in the next few days.

Last weekend the girls had their 4H Poultry Show. It was a culmination of their summer long 4H meetings where they learned all about chickens and how to handle them. It's a good thing they have a great 4H leader because their city girl mama sure doesn't know anything about chickens or even how to hold them.

Abby with her Blue Andalusian "Dawn"

It was Abby's first year participating. She is a Cloverbud (those are about 7-9 years old). She was extremely nervous before it was her turn. her hands were shaking, her chin was quivering and she looked very, very pale. We were worried she was going to pass out or something. Nope! Abby got up there in front of the judge and did a really good job. Whew! She was mostly worried her bird would fly away and she'd have to chase it all over the animal barn.

Sara posing her Blue Andalusian "Lemon Drop" for the judge.

Sara and Marie both participated in the Junior class. They did 4H last year so are old pros. :) Marie ended up winning Grand Champion and Sara won Reserve Champion! Marie showing the width of the breast on her Americana "Judy"

Because Marie won Grand Champion she had to compete with the Grand Champion winner of the other small animals, cavy and rabbit for a Round Robin event. They each have three minutes to show each animal to the appropriate judge. This year there weren't any cavys (cavies?) so she just had to show a rabbit and chicken. She won grand champion for the round robin too! And if that wasn't enough both of her chickens won Grand Champion and Reserve Champion for best of the heavy breeds. Sara, S the 4H leader, Marie with their ribbons.

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Sylvia said...

very cute. Congratulations ladies.