Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Poor Little Birdie

We have so many birds living around our house this summer that some have taken up residence in the rain gutter. On Friday the girls went out to play and found this poor little bird hanging upside down by its leg.Marie was able to get it down but had to bring the whole nest too. Its leg had gotten all tied up in some string that the bird had used to line its nest with. The bird didn't seem to be doing to well. We don't know how long the bird had been in that position, how long it had gone without food or water so the girls decide to try and nurse it back to good health. They made some sugar water and got it to drink.
Ira even caught some bugs to feed to the bird. By evening the bird was doing quite a bit better. Unfortunately it didn't last through the night.


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Poor little birdie is right. Little Ira is so cute.