Saturday, June 14, 2008

The World Famous Lipizzaner Horses

We had a wonderful treat Wednesday evening. The World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions came to town and performed. By law we weren't allowed to take any video but we could take pictures. It's too bad because the tricks and dancing the horses did were amazing to watch. Still pictures just don't show the grace and skill of these horses. Plus the lighting was terrible and we were sitting far away but I did manage to get some decent shots though some are blurry because the horses were moving so fast.

The girls have learned all about this breed when we studied horses last year in school. They are completely black when born and turn white as they grow to adulthood. Eve remembered when she received a Breyer horse set when she was four of a Lipizzan mare and her foal. I told her the foals' coats change to white as they grow. She watched her foal everyday trying to see if it would change to white not realizing in her sweet innocence that the toys would not do the same as the horses in real life.The Lipizzan Horse is the most branded horse in the world. Each one is branded with an L on its left cheek. They are also branded to show their bloodline.

The show was well done with various "ballets" and dances performed by the horses as well as special maneuvers that had been used during battle to protect the riders and horses. A history of the Lipizzaner Stallions was also told including the story made famous by Disney's "The Miracle of the White Stallions".

"Patton" was playing while this horse made the rounds. General Patton was responsible for saving the breed at the end of WWII.

The four older girls and I had a great time. Pam and Emily came with us. And Sylvia, Joanna, Rebekah, and Sariah drove up from Fallon to come to the show too. When we got home this is what we found.

Ira, Debbie and Laura were all asleep on the couches. Joseph just has his eyes closed to look like he's sleeping too.


Island School House said...

We saw them last year! It was so much fun! My girls still talk about it!

Mrs. Organic said...

We haven't seen them yet, but we were able to see the Royal Canadian Mounted Police put on a show when we visited my cousin. Horse shows are so fun to watch.

rebekah said...

Thanks for posting the pics of the horses! Mine were all blurry:(

Angela said...

Very fun-
My kids would really enjoy this!~

the lazy reader said...

How beautiful. I have wanted to see them perform ever since I first read Mary Stewert's Airs Above the Ground.

Henry Cate said...

We saw the Lipizzaners a year or so ago. Our daughters greatly enjoyed the show.

Meg said...

Great experience! I would love to see them.