Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This past weekend

Rebecca, Pere, and Jon came to visit us this weekend. It was pretty fun though we really didn't do too much. Joseph was finishing up the last of first crop so he was extremely busy. Next time they come we plan on taking them 4-wheeling in the hills, exploring some old mines, and maybe even some geocaching as well. I'm sure glad they were there to help set up the ward party we were in charge of Saturday night. We had a great turn out. Here are some photos we took Sunday morning.

Mr. Ira

Miss Laura Lou

Miss Debbie Do


I forgot to get a photo of Sara



Pere, Jon, Rebecca, and Me
Isn't it funny how we all ended up standing in similar ways? Thanks for coming to visit you guys! Check out Jon's blog for some more great photos that he took including a sweet family photo.


wild murdocks said...

Love to see photo's of the family. And I love your criss cross blue dress! How fancy!

Mrs. Organic said...

That is a great family photo and your smile is so beautiful.

Jessie said...

The family is beautiful! I can't believe your girls are getting so big.

AllisonK said...

Great family photos.

Sonja said...

Isn't great to spend time with family? Your children are so beautiful!

Rebecca said...

hey, I hadn't seen this one of us yet. we look mexi.