Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Gonna Rock Around the Clock

I have this annoying (well my girls think it's annoying) little habit while driving of tapping my thumbs on the steering wheel to the beat of whatever music happens to be playing: classical, pop rock, jazz, you name it. It really drives whoever is sitting in the front crazy. What's so funny (or sad) about it is I remember the same habit making me bonkers as I watched my mom driving down the road. (AAAaaaa! Help me! I'm turning into my mother!) When I'd point it out to my mom she'd just laugh and say something like, "Oh, am I driving you crazy?" and then she'd proceed to start dancing wildly while I'd just slump lower in my seat and hope we didn't pass (I mean pass, my mom has a lead foot) anybody I knew. And of course, I now do the exact same thing to my children. Only they'll ask with a big rolls of the eyes, "Mom, now what are you doing?" And I always answer, "Just rockin' out, dear!"

So even, if my girls don't think I rock, Lucy of An Ordinary Mom does. She has awarded me the Rockin' Blogger award.
So it is now my privilege to pass this award forward to five other rockin' bloggers. This was very hard to narrow down!

1. Kim at mommyknows.com is a fun read. She owns The Baby Marketplace where I like to shop for cloth diapers and Wild Mango boy clothes for Ira. She's also been giving away free products from her site all summer long.

2. Tasra at Lessons From the Scrapbook Page has wonderful, easy, scrapbook ideas and photography hints. She writes a column for 5minutesformom which I thoroughly enjoy reading too.

3. Corrie at Tyler's Triumph is a great mom with lots of good ideas. We have very similar music tastes and I always enjoy watching the videos she shares.

4. & 5. I can't forget my sisters at Goober Gobs and Convoluted Brainwaves. They make me laugh, cry, love like sisters should.


An Ordinary Mom said...

You are one deserving rockin' chick!

Corrie said...

So fun! I love that you rock out.
and that it's hereditary.

MommyKnows said...

Yeah Montse! You do ROCK :) Thanks for the award.

athena said...

i do the same thing in the car too. of course it was harder to do in france because i had to concentrate on the road a lot more but now that i'm back in the states where the roads are wide and there are not as many surprises i can relax and zone out.

Inga said...

Your blog totally rocks. It is one of my favorites. Great job and congratulations!!

Julie said...

LOL. I love to do the tapping thing too. My kids make fun of me 'cause I love to "rock out" to music (of all kinds) at home, but I'm a HORRIBLE dancer. :-)

Congrats on the fun award!

Corrie said...

And thanks for thinkin' I do too.