Monday, May 28, 2007

Food and Fun on the Farm

Our busy summer season has started once again. Swathing began last Thursday; raking began today. But before we get too busy for our own good, we decided to have a little family cook-out. It seems our best get-togethers center around food with some fun and games thrown in. Do you think I got a little click happy? I only took 148 pictures. I did some serious weeding to bring you some of my favorites.

I was enjoying my cone with homemade chocolate ice cream when Ira grabbed it from me.
He thought it was lip smacking good too.
Deb devours her dinner
Like father, like son!
Do you think Ethan has enough marshmallows? What you don't see is how many are on Hyrum's. He had a few more than Ethan!
The perfect marshmallow toasting campfire.
Sara likes her mallows delicately blackened.
Joseph throws the clay pigeons because he won't shoot. His shoulder has a huge bruise
from the shotgun after rabbit hunting Friday night.

The marksmen
Ammon takes aim
Jacob zeros in
Ethan just wishes he could shoot too.
It's not a true sack race if you don't use alfalfa seed sacks.
Come on girls! You can jump faster than that!
It's a good thing I put the camera away for the three-legged races.
I was in those. You wouldn't want to see a picture of that.

Sara's sacked.

And now for some close-up shots. I had my zoom lens on and they didn't even realize I was taking their pictures. I love getting close-up candids.
Sweet Al was roasting her marshmallows.
Okay, Darren did realize I was taking his picture so he hid behind David.
The boys got to telling jokes. Enough said. :D


Julie said...

Looks like LOADS of fun! Makes me yearn for a family get-together of our own!

sippinghotchocolate said...

i enjoyed that! more More MORE!!

PS your little guy is REALLY good looking.

Jen said...

Wow, you got some really great pictures--everyone looks great, Ethan is very photogenic! It looks like fun was had by all!

Lei said...

That looks like such fun. Beautiful area you live in, too!

Corrie said...

That last one made me laugh and I didn't even hear the jokes.

Looks like a fun day!

An Ordinary Mom said...

What fun pictures! It looks like you guys have some great family traditions. Makes me want a farm :) !!

Calandria said...

those are some great photos! it makes me yearn for a family get-together, too.

Craig said...

Family is what its all about!

And tell Joseph those air matresses are not all that bad. Ours slowly leaks, so by morning I am on the ground, and Angela has all the air under her!

Rebecca said...

mons,great shots! I loved 'em. I'm a little jealous you and ness have zoom lenses. I keep showing off my nieces and nephew to everyone :)

wild murdocks said...

Yea! You know how I love pictures of all of the kids and life on the farm! How delightful. Nice visual documentation--you get a real feel of people and place.