Monday, May 21, 2007

Celebrating Me

We (women) tend to focus so much on our weaknesses and often blow them out of proportion. But our strengths, the things we are good at, go unnoticed, especially by ourselves. I know there are times when I have feared that my confidence may come across as arrogance. It's taboo to assert your successes as a parent! And even in general, I think women are very careful about how much credit or attention they give to themselves. But we all certainly deserve praise and recognition. And so, right on the heels of Mother's Day, this "Woman to Woman" is an opportunity for us all to admit that we are amazing, and to share our strengths with one another.

"Women of God can never be like women of the world. The world has enough women who are tough; we need women who are tender. There are enough women who are coarse; we need women who are kind. There are enough women who are rude; we need women who are refined. We have enough women of fame and fortune; we need more women of faith. We have enough greed; we need more goodness. We have enough vanity; we need more virtue. We have enough popularity; we need more purity." ~ Margaret D. Nadauld,The Joy of Womanhood,”

Ask me to speak of my husband and all his good qualities and I'll talk your ear off making you very jealous in the process. Ask me to praise my children and all that they are becoming and you'll soon realize how beautiful, talented, and smart they each are. Ask me to tell you about myself - my accomplishments, my talents, my interests, my desires - and you might be surprised at the silence and stuttering to find words that follows. But since you didn't ask, let me tell you about ME.

My life has been a very blessed one. My wise parents provided me with many opportunities for growth and discovery of talents. But they also taught, "where much is given much is required." (D&C 82:3) Meaning, the Lord has blessed me with these talents so I can be an instrument in
His hands to serve others whether it be my husband, my children, friends, or anyone else whose paths I cross. My greatest accomplishment has been learning how to listen to the Lord and follow what His plan is for my life.

He has given me stewardship over six beautiful daughters. My greatest gift to them I hope is a good example of one who enjoys her womanhood
and her motherhood. I am trying to be more of the woman that is described in the quote I have here to the right. I'm trying to instill in my daughters the same goodness and godliness. I get immense joy in doing what we deem the mundane tasks of motherhood - fresh laundered clothes, a good home-cooked meal, a tidy home. I can make the best home-made bread, white or wheat. My husband's brothers can even attest to that fact. And that's no small feat!

We home school and at first it was scary for me. Home schoolers are put under a microscope. I am constantly wondering if I can teach my children adequately. On Sunday I received a HUGE compliment from a wonderful lady at church. She is one whom I admire very much, but she is also very honest and blunt and doesn't approve of home schooling. When she told me I was doing a great job homeschooling my children I was genuinely surprised and pleased. If I can pass her test I must be doing something right!

Music is an important part of my life. The opportunities I've had to serve others by playing the piano or teaching others to play have been plentiful. Some of the sweetest experiences have come accompanying the congregation at church in singing praises to Him from whom all blessings flow. President J. Reuben Clark Jr. said, “We get nearer to the Lord through music than perhaps through any other thing except prayer.” I am grateful that I can help others because of my talents in this area.

These will be the only things I will mention because they are front and foremost in this season of my life right now. I am cheerfully a mother, a wife, a friend.

"So often, our acts of service consist of simple encouragement or of giving mundane help with mundane tasks, but what glorious consequences can flow from mundane acts and from small but deliberate deeds! … God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs. Therefore, it is vital that we serve each other in the kingdom”~Spencer W. Kimball, “Small Acts of Service


Julie said...

I love the quote, and I love your post. It served as another confirmation to what is in my heart. You are wonderful!

An Ordinary Mom said...

You have every reason to celebrate your womanhood and motherhood because you are remarkable! I love the quote you shared - it explained how to have a healthy self-confidence while still knowing that it is the Lord who has blessed us with everything.

Lei said...

I lvoe Nadauld's quote! And I love that you said you find joy in fresh laundered clothes, a good homecooked meal and a tidy home. Ditto that and proud of it!!!


Linds said...

I loved the quote too. This is a beautiful post, and the joy of your life shines through it.God has certainly blessed us all abundantly!

Morning Glory said...

This was so beautifully expressed and really is a wonderful celebration of the good things about being a woman. I like the quote along the side of your post.

Anonymous said...

That was very lovely!

Code Yellow Mom said...

So beautifully articulated! Well done.

nestle said...

I can add a couple.
You are an amazing cook as well as one who can smoke the pants off anyone with a budget.
You are an incredible seamstress. You have patience that saints only dream about.
You have a capacity to make those around you feel special and amazing.
You are a peacemaker while at the same time a leader (meaning somehow you get everyone to do what you want without causing ripples, an amazing feat in an of itself and you do it quite often).
You are a fabulous teacher, not just of your own children but of other mothers and women around you.
I can go on but my kids are screaming. gotta og

Linda said...

That is a wondeful quote. I can't think of a more important job in the world than raising your five girls to be Godly young women. Your love for your family and for the Lord shine through your writing. I, too, think you are doing a great job. It is so nice to get to know you. Your post truly blessed me.

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by today - you are a busy lady with beautiful kiddoes. Love the quote on the side.

Penless Thoughts said...

A very lovely post. I enjoyed reading it.

Gran - (Angela) said...

You are a remarkable woman. Your girls are very blessed to have a mother like you.I always found joy in my duties of being a mother and wife and was very PROUD of the things that I did for my family as they were growing up.
Have a GREAT Day !

Inga said...

I spend much of my time in the admiration of other women. I find myself striving to meet their standards. I am guilty of not giving myself credit for my successes. Thank you for posting such a moving and inspiring post.

Retha said...

So lovely to hear there is some one ou there that love being with her children, family