Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Is that milk or cheese?

"Girls, it's almost time to go to town. I'm just going to put this stuff in the truck and check to make sure we have all the bags to drop off at the thrift store."

I innocently open the driver's side door to our Suburban. An acrid, sour smell greets me. I plug my nose and quickly take an inventory of what I can see: a few papers on the floor, my purse, and a baby toy. I hesitantly decide to look in the back.

"Eeeeewwww! Gross!!"

The girls come running, take one smell, and then scamper off in different directions holding their noses. When they have distanced themselves several yards away they turn to see me gingerly pick up a very bloated milk jug. Magically there is no milk in it however. It is full of one big block of cheese curd and a translucent yellow whey that has begun to leak through the closed lid. The origin of the putrid stench has been discovered!

I turn to the girls, "How in the heck did we forget to bring in this gallon of milk last Wednesday?"

No one knows.


An Ordinary Mom said...

I'm glad I can't smell it. I hope your car airs out!

Julie said...

Oh no! And that is such a nasty smell, too! Hope it clears up quickly.

Jen said...

Oh gross!

You may need to leave an open sack of charcoal in your truck for a few days!

Lammy said...

I found you through Julie over at "An Empty Canvass" formerly known as Ruby's Mom.
I am enjoying your blog so far!

Lammy said...

Oops...that'd be "Emptly Canvas" with only one "S".

Julie said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!! It's beautiful! Have a great Easter holiday. :-)