Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Poetry

A little something to read about the holiday. These were written by the girls on Wednesday as an assignment for school.

Tomb is
by Sara (8) and Abby (6)

The following are synonym poems.

Yolk, shell, chicken
It was laid by my good hen.
by Sara


Righteous, kind, happy, nice
He is the Christ.
by Abigail

Eve (11) and Marie (10) had to write two different types of poems. On with a definite rhyming pattern and the other is called a sense poem.

Here are Marie's:

Since staying inside is much to blunt
The best thing to have is an Easter egg hunt.
It's so much fun for the little runts
To look for eggs out in the front.

The kids all hustle and bustle about
One reaches in the flower bed and pulls an egg out.
Pretty soon you'll hear a shout,
When a child falls and his eggs come out!

Savior, pure and clean
sage in Gethsemane
cries for my sins
pain he's feeling
happiness of His sacrifice
Prince of Peace

And here are Eve's:

Dyeing eggs is loads of fun
There's purple, pink, and the color of the sun.
And when it seems we've just begun,
The eggs are gone and we are done.

wooden cross
raging storm
jeering and cries

quite awful
tearful sadness
my righteous Savior

Here's a poem I wrote and posted last year for Easter.


An Ordinary Mom said...

I am very impressed with all of these. However, I think my favorite is the first one. Beautiful and very touching!

Julie said...

I love all of the poems. Your poem is so very beautiful! Happy Easter!