Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easter School

This week starts our 'off' month of school. But instead of really getting the month off I decided we'd do fun unit studies instead because we took so much time off when Ira was born. This week we are focusing on Easter, religious and non-religious.

Yesterday we discussed the word Easter ( its roots and meanings), did some word searches, and a mapping exercise. The girls divided up into two teams and they each had to hide a plastic egg outside, draw a map to it's location, and see if the other team could read their map to find the egg. One team filled their egg up with rocks to sink it to the bottom of the Boxcar's water trough. The other team buried their egg in the chickens' laying mesh. They did an excellent job drawing their maps and Joseph even got in on the act looking for their eggs when he came home for lunch.

Today we did these 'eggs'ellent science experiments (links to this site never seem to work right, either click refresh or place the cursor after the web address and then hit return, the page usually loads after that), and also our traditional Easter week review.

Tomorrow's plan includes math review with jellybeans and poetry writing.

Thursday I plan on discussing the colors of Easter then dying eggs and making a color book. The older girls also have to pretend they are newspaper reporters and write an article about Pontius Pilate's decision to allow Christ to be crucified.

Friday we will watch the Lamb of God video and also make this tomb poster. Grandma W will also be coming either Thursday or Friday to throw an Easter party for the grandkids.


Julie said...

Those are some excellent - or should I say "egg"cellent ideas! :-) You are one super mom!

An Ordinary Mom said...

You sound like a wonderful teacher! I wish I had the motivation to homeschool. You sound so creative!