Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter All Week

This week we've been doing what the girls call 'fun' school. We've learned all about Easter, religious and secular. The top pic is of Eve's worksheet that we did at the beginning of the week. I got the idea from the April 1999 Ensign. However, I've lost all the illustrations that came with it and had to find my own that aren't as good. We talked about what ocurred on each day of the last week of Christ's life. On the Saturday square Eve drew the spirit world divided into spirit prison and spirit paradise and a missionary going to spirit prison to show that Christ organized missionary work in the spirit world.

We've also learned about secular symbols; eggs, rabbits, lilies, etc and what they stand for. The girls made cupcakes with chicks and nests on them. Eve consumed hers before I could take a picture. :D Later today we'll be dying Easter eggs and hopefully having an Easter egg hunt with the cousins tomorrow. Sara's had a fever for the past 24 hours and isn't feeling well.

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