Friday, March 30, 2007


Yahoo! I've finally figured out how to change the background, sidebars, etc. to get what I want. I love these colors because they are soothing to me. In fact it's the same color palette I have for my bedroom. There's still a few more things I want to add, but those will have to wait for later. I've spent enough time on the computer today.


An Ordinary Mom said...

WOW! I like the new look. I really need to change my blog look as well ... one of these days I will find the time for it :)!!

sippinghotchocolate said...

wow, i really like the colours. where did you find the wallpaper?

Julie said...

WOW! I LOVE it! Those are beautiful designs and colors. It's fun, isn't it. :-) I chose a really plain theme, thinking I could add in my own blocks of color, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do that yet. I may end up switching themes again. I don't know. It will have to wait for a while, though. Nice job with yours!