Thursday, March 29, 2007

Google Reader

Yesterday, I was browsing the sites on Works for Me Wednesdays at Rocks in my dryer, because I had nothing else to do. Okay, so I had a ton of other stuff to do but couldn't because I was nursing Ira. There are only a few things one can do with a baby attached to you. Anyway, I came across Marcia's suggestions for organizing blogging. She had some good tips and the one I immediately tried is Google Reader. Why haven't I heard of this great service before??!!! Honestly, if you have a lot of blogs or even a few that you like to visit this cuts down on navigating the net to see if they have any new posts. Just go to Google Reader and they let you know which ones have new posts. You can read a few lines of the new post there and if it interests you then just click on it and voila! you're at the blog. I no longer have to sift through my bookmarks to find the blogs I visit only to find they haven't updated anything. This is going to be a time-saver for me. Just thought I'd pass it along!


Julie said...

Thanks! This could prove to be very useful!

sippinghotchocolate said...

i use a feed too. having said that i just emailed the folks that created them to take my own blog from off their feeders.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Google Reader or Bloglines (I use the latter just because it was what was available a few months ago) saves me lots of time. I hope you got yours set up without difficulty. My problem now is I just keep adding to my feeds because it is so easy ... not to mention addicting :) !!