Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am . . .

. . . a baby when I hold my newborn son and try to see the world through fresh eyes

. . . a child playing kickball with my daughters and rolling down our grassy hill giggling the whole way

. . . 15, the youngest freshman at Ricks College in the fall of 1993

. . . a young bride, one month after turning seventeen, posing for pictures in front of the Salt Lake Temple where I was married. Being robbed from the cradle
according to some. Fulfilling my destiny according to me

. . . a first-time mother, one month before my eighteenth birthday, cuddling my daughter, Eve

. . . thought to be in my mid-30's, because I have seven children, but I 'look to young to have that many kids!'

. . . ancient. The blood of my ancestors - women of faith, humility, strength, fortitude, and wisdom - courses through my veins

. . . 29 years old, living my dream

. . . me.

One's age is a measurement of time only - the span of earthly years one has lived. One ages by observing, experiencing, doing, living. This is my life, my skin.


Zoe said...

Wow! You have really accomplished alot in your life time thus far. I cannot believe that you went to college at 15 and married at 17! I admire that you got a head start on your children. At 32, with only 3 kids, I am feeling like I didn't start early enough! I like your post!

Lei said...

So beautiful! I really appreciate you coming over and sharing your thoughts. Thank you and please come back!

An Ordinary Mom said...

You have already lived quite a full life, a beautiful one at that! I enjoyed your thoughts!

Morning Glory said...

What a unique approach to this subject. I loved reading this! I really appreciate your sharing these thoughts with us for this subject. Hope to see you again.

Julie said...

Montse, I LOVE THIS! What a wonderful post!

I have to say after so many people acting shocked that I was married "so young" at 18, it's nice to know there is one who was married at an even younger age.

I want you to know how much I admire you. If I ever got a chance to meet you in person I sure would like to take it. You and your family must be so very special.

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoyed reading your presentation.

athena said...

i like your post too! so what are your plans for the future? when it's just you and your husband. i sometimes like think about what my husband and i will be doing when the children leave home---our house will be like a tomb, LOL. unless we have a bunch of grandkids, and then won't that be fun.

Crystal said...

I really like how you used a timeline approach to your entry - so original! I like the name of your "school" too! Thanks for sharing - I'm glad I 'found' you!