Saturday, February 24, 2007

FHE Enrichment Activity - Paddle Boards

Thursday evening I had another Family Home Evening Enrichment activity. We put together three lessons on the Holy Ghost, swearing, and music. We also laminated stories to be used with the paddle board you can see in the picture. The music lesson has fun signs to be used when singing songs (loudly, softly, hum, whistle, fast, slow, etc) and we also laminated an Old MacDonald flip chart to use with the paddle board.
Laura is holding the board to show how it is used. My SIL showed me how to use the jigsaw and bandsaw to cut them out. They are a great teaching tool for Primary and Family Home Evening when you want to share a story with pictures. There was a good turn out but it took way too long to laminate everything even with two laminators set up. I didn't leave the church until after 9:30pm and we started at 6:30.

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog from School of Abraham links (I think). Thank you for sharing. Do you have a pattern for the paddle boards and lessons? I would love to make a set of board/lessons for my grandchildren. Thanks.
Kris Allen
Gram to a dozen (at least for now)