Monday, December 11, 2006

LDS politicians

As I was waiting in the dentist's office for Sara today I started reading the Reno Gazette-Journal and this article was on the front page. Not living in Utah, it's rather rare to have front page news about Mormons, LDS politicians in particular. I've noticed this topic of "Can a Mormon become president?" has come up in other news sources as well. Another interesting tidbit, for me at least, is this list of Nevadan politicians who have been LDS also published as part of the above article. I had no idea when I was voting for Jim Gibbons and Dean Heller this past election that they were LDS! It was kind of refreshing to realize they didn't flaunt their religion as a way to get votes, unlike Harry Reid who is known for asking to speak in Sacrament meetings during his re-election bids and who wrote letters to the stake presidents here in Nevada trying to explain his vote on the gay marriage ammendment in hopes it would be read in our Sacrament meetings (which it wasn't here thank goodness!)

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