Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Day

We travelled to Fallon in the morning to spend Thanksgiving Day at Joseph's parents' house. We had a wonderful time visiting and eating. Eve made two pies, a banana cream and a candy apple. Sara made a maple spice pecan pie. And Marie made little pilgrim hats to place at each setting but if you can believe it I didn't take a single picture!!! :C Here is a photo of what the hats look like though, courtesy of Calandria. The pies were excellent and so was the rest of the food, especially the yam casserole my SIL made. YUMMY!!

It was a small gathering compared to other years. There were only three families there. A couple of years ago we had about 45 people, all Joseph's brothers and sisters and their children, at our house (we had the biggest rooms to hold the tables). These pictures are from that Thanksgiving.

The adult tables in our family room
The kiddos ate in our schoolroom.

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