Tuesday, November 21, 2006


With a little boy coming home to a house full of girls you've got to figure on some questions being raised about the differences between boys and girls. Here are some of the 'funnies' that have happened. The day we brought Ira home from the hospital Sara (7) asked, "But how can you be sure he's a boy and won't end up being a girl afterall?" I told her to watch while I changed Ira's diaper. As soon I took his diaper off, she took one look and said, "Oh!" and promptly walked out of the room. Hee, hee.

Upon giving him his first bath Ira decided to 'show off' to all the watching girls. When I took his diaper off he of course squirted everywhere causing lots of screams from his sisters.

Debbie has wisely observed that Ira can't talk because he doesn't have teeth yet. I caught her singing a sweet song to him yesterday. She was making it up as she sang.

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