Friday, November 03, 2006

Latest goings-on

This last week has been fun filled for the girls. We scrapped our rigorous school routine for a more laid back unit study on Colonial America. They've enjoyed learning all about the era from 1620 - 1776. They had to use Colonial table manners at lunchtime (made for a very QUIET meal) and have started their own stitching samplers. I looked on-line for patterns but couldn't find any so I designed a different one for each girl and I must say, they are turning out very cute. We had our ward trunk-or-treat on Halloween which is always fun and they had a great time cleaning the church today as it was our week to do it. To bad they don't find cleaning our own home as fun!

I've been busy trying to finish all the Christmas presents before the baby comes. I have 4 more mini albums of great-grandparents to do and am just waiting the arrival of some presents to arrive by UPS and then I'll be done! Well, all except one more project that I have for Ness and her kids, but I can't say what it is and give it away. :D I also received my year's supply of Guittard chocolate chips today, 100 lbs. to be exact. I am HAPPY!

As far as the baby goes, I will be induced Wednesday, November 8th if it doesn't come before then. So now we can officially count down 5 more days!! To say we are excited is an understatment. We'll let you know when he/she comes though!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck and prayers for your labor and safe delivery!

nestle said...

Already!!!!!! HOly cow time flies fast! Hee hee. You are good with presents. Kevin wants to know why he hasn't seen any pregnant pictures of you yet. :-) loves

Anonymous said...

Way to be ready for Christmas! Good luck on the delivery. Our prayers are with you and the new little one. :)


Anonymous said...

Good luck! God be with you.

Montserrat said...

Thanks all for your thoughts and prayers! It's much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I just heard from Chach!
So glad everything went well!